Workflow diagram: activity, control, decision and task

shape name description
MITSM_blue_tube_shape control activity 1) „Control_Activity“ checks if all rules were met, that were defined for a specific previous activity. This is mostly fulfilled by a tool. It can be checked if: a) Mandatory field was filled AND/ OR b) Field was filled with meaningful information 2) If the check result is negative, ticket is forwarded back to previous activity, displaying the result 3) If the check result is positive, next activity is processed 4) Further activities can be processed within the „Control_Activity“: a) In case of all checks being performed positive – the status of the ticket can be set displaying the name of the „Control_Activity“ OR b) Calculations might be performed e.g. calculating the possible dead line of an activity. Following conditions need to be fulfilled: 1) Activity and “Control_Activity“ are always alternating 2) In case of more than one exit of an Activity there will be same number of different “Control_Activities“ than different names 3) Names of “Control_Activities“ should be unique within a process 4) There will be only one exit from a “Control_Activities“ to an Activity. Only exception might be a tee-junction (“fork” junction) into two Activities. Until now this was omitted when designing processes
MITSM_blue_rhomb_shape decision In a decision activity there are two ore more ways out. Depending on value of a control factor e.g. priority which usually has to be a mendatory field the right way out is chosen.
MITSM_Blue_rectangle_shape activity .A process is decomposed in several activities. Activities can trigger each other even if they are not activities of the same process.
MITSM_blue_hexagon_shape task task within an activity
MITSM_Blue_rectangle_doubleframe_shape other process The process instance is waiting until the other processes gives feedback.
MITSM_Blue_rectangle_doubleframe_activity_shape activity in other process trigger of another activity in another process