Standard Change Administration


The available set of standard changes must be available to Change Management, although managing standard changes is not a native activity in the process. Thus, this task is covered by the sub process of Standard Change Administration.


Before, the following prerequisites have to be fulfilled, for which the Change Manager shows responsible when planning and implementing Change Management:

  • Standard Change Information Pool: All standard changes and relating information are recorded in an adequate information repository that may be part of or connected to the Configuration Management Database, CMDB.
  • Different views: Access to the Standard Change Information Pool is granted depending on the role of the person accessing the pool.


Standard Change Administration is aligned to the life cycle of a standard change.

  1. Declare standard change: A new standard change is added to the information pool. Each standard change has to run through the entire regular Change Management process before it can be declared a standard change. During the activity of Change Evaluation and Closure as well as afterwards, a successfully implemented change may be proposed to be declared a standard change. The decision on this issue is met by the responsible of the service this change refers to.
  2. Modify standard change: An existing standard change is modified in one or more of its attributes. The request to modify an existing standard change description/procedure is regarded a change where the CA is the service responsible who has declared the standard change.
  3. Remove standard change: A standard change is deleted from the information pool. The request to remove an existing standard change description/procedure from the information pool is handled by the respective service responsible, too.
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