Supplier List Administration

Supplier General List Administration aims the definition, processing and changing of a general supplier list for services. Supplier List Administration is triggered by other processes in case of:

  • decision to supply a service AND
  • defined, requested and recorded supply in the Supply Record

This activity provides then

  • for the defined supply,
  • a list of possible supplier,
  • which can be addressed with a RFQ.

If the needed supply can not be provided by already listed suppliers, Supplier General List Administration

  • is searching the market for a propitiate supplier. Following rules needs to be regarded:
    • company supply strategy and policy
    • defined supply in the Supply Record

Supplier General List Administration is informed on the results of supplier reviews and quality of suppliers (form the Reporting Management and Supplier Management Process) so the list can be updated. Supplier performing below agreed quality levels are removed from the general supplier list. This is noticed in the Supplier Record.

Example for information in a general supplier list:

  • Supplier identification: Unique ID
  • Supplier contact details
  • Staff managing company contact to supplier
  • Services provided by supplier
  • Supplier performance in the past
  • Contact history if any
  • Other relevant information

Activity Specific Rules

  • obtain supply record
  • chose supplier from supplier general list for the supply record
  • in case a supplier can NOT be provided:
    • research market for supplier
    • provide new supplier
  • maintain supplier list based on reports
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